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Dear Members and Friends,


The Nominating Committee of the Division:


Dr. Piotr Moncarz  - Chairman, Dr. Elizabeth Cathers - member, Mr Jakub Urban - member, presented its report and recommended that the current members of our PAC Division Executive Board to be elected to serve for the next term with an addition Mr. George Slawek for a position of the Second Vice President:


- President - Mr. Antoni Zukowski

- First Vice President - Mr. Waldemar Glodek

- Second Vice President - Mr. George Slawek

- Secretary - Mr. Sebastian Zurek

- Treasurer - Mrs. Zofia Shicker


I would like also to inform membership that due to an unforeseen financial accident, caused by the major deposited check return, issued by one of the PAC's - Polish Spring Festival vendors, we are unable to close the Division's financial books and for that reason the Executive Board decided to reschedule the Annual Meeting of the Division from Sunday June 18th to Sunday July 9th.


In mean time, the PAC Executive Board  would like to receive reasonable explanation why a major check in the amount of $4,000.00 deposited on May 4th, 2006 was returned by the Polam Federal Credit Union on May 19th, 15 days later with no immediate notification of the PAC Treasurer until June 9th exposing our Division to a potential loss of the financial credibility. Actually, the day of the check return coinside with my E-mail also of May 19th informing Secretary of the POLAM FCU, Mr. Zdzislaw Zakrzewski, that the Polish American Congress is going to exercise its voting rights at the Polam's Annual meeting the next day which I attended and nobody told me there about a problem with the bounced check.


At present, we are unable to conclude what was the real reason behind this unusually late check return - could it be the pr-election politics due to the Polam's Secretary, Mr. Zdzislaw Zakrzewski taking non stop shots to make some members of the current PAC Executive Board looking very bad?  We are asking the PAC Audit Committee and as well the Polam's Supervisory Committee to investigate this case and to report its findings to the Annual Meeting on July 9th.  In mean time the Executive Board is proceeding with negotiations to receive from the vendor a cashier check payment in full for the  food and beverage concession at the Polish Spring Festival of May 7th, 2006.



-Tony Zukowski

President -PAC-NCD




Fri, 19 May 2006 13:32:03 -0700 (PDT)


"Polish American Congress -NCD"<pac_polonia@yahoo.com>



PAC-NCD Exercising Voting Rights at Polam's Annual Meeting - May 20



"zdzislaw zakrzewski" <zzakrzewski@aol.com>, polam@polamfcu.com


"Zofia Zakrzewska" <zofia@polamfcu.com>, wglodek@polishclub.org, www@capolonia.com, "Frank Jasinski" <fjasinski@mindsynch.com>, gblack@mcn.org, "Gordon Leon Black" <twoflags@mcn.org>, atoranski@yahoo.com, "Zofia Shicker" zshicker@yahoo.com


Dear Secretary,


This is to notify that the Polish American Congress - Northern California Division is going to exercise its membership voting privileges at the Annual Meeting of the Polam Federal Union on May 20, 2006.  A Voting Representative for the PAC Division will be:


- Anthony Zukowski  - President of the PAC Division


The Polish American Congress - Northern California Division as the organization which established and is sponsoring activities of the Polam Federal Credit Union would like to receive also at the Annual Meeting tomorrow the current Bylaws of the Polam Federal Credit Union.


Best Regards,


- Anthony Zukowski

President - PAC-NCD