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Convention to Stop Hate-Mongering

By Edmund Lewandowski

December 1998

Washington, Nov. 19, 1998, a normal day at work is a red letter day in the life of Anna Maruszeczko, a newscaster from Inforadio in Poland. Today she will meet her idol, the confident and conceited long-haired talk show guru who, some say, has an audience of fifty million. The talk starts innocently. A few cheap compliments relax our heroine. This, coupled with her lack of complete mastery of the English language, makes the task all the easier for the star of US radio.

The star begins by asking whether Poles ever discuss World War II. He risks the opinion that it is not, because this must be an awkward subject for them. He "proves" his opinion with the "fact" that there are no Jews in Poland because they were all killed by Poles. The Polish concentration camps, and they WERE Polish, were run by Poles. Hitler did not need to kill the Jews because the Poles did it for him. The Poles and only the Poles are guilty of exterminating the Jews.

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Convention to Stop Hate-Mongering

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