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Polish   PĄCZKI  DAY


San Francisco Polish-American Community will celebrate the famous „Pączki Day” on Sunday, February 15, 2015, at the Parish Hall of the Church of the Nativity at  240 Fell Street.  Pączki will be available at our social gathering right after the 10:30 Holy Mass (~ 12:00 Noon). First, there will be a contest for best baked paczki and everyone is invited to take part. The judges - Polish ladies who know how the paczki should taste - will select a winner=$50 prize, second place $30 and third place $20.
Here is the official announcement in Polish:


W niedziele 15 lutego po Mszy Swietej o godzinie 10:30 w naszej sali parafialnej odbedzie sie tradycyjny konkurs na najlepsze paczki. Przewidziane sa nagrody: 1-sza - $ 50; 2-ga - $ 30 i 3-cia - $ 20. Bardzo serdecznie zapraszamy wszystkich chetnych do wziecia udzialu. Prosimy o przyniesienie wiekszej ilosci paczków. Beda one sprzedawane. Dochód jest przeznaczony na splate naszego ubezpieczenia.


Please join us for the traditional observance of „Pączki Day”.


All  Proceeds  will  go  to  the Polish  Parish  General  Fund

Tłusty czwartek (Fat Thursday). Some Americans celebrate Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday. In Poland, however, festivities begin almost a week earlier, on Fat Thursday.   Poles say that the  festivities start earlier to give them more time to enjoy the last days before Lent, which strictly forbids loud parties and meat dishes.   In truth, "Tłusty czwartek” started in Poland long ago when Thursday was the traditional day for over-eating before Friday’s fast.   On Tłusty czwartek, Poles stuff themselves with “pączeks” while on the following Tuesday, known as Fat Tuesday throughout the world and the last day before the official start of Lent (Ash Wednesday), Poles dance and party to burn off calories and have fun before the lenten season of abstinence.

Based on the text by Ewa Orlik            

Pączki i tłusty czwartek (Pączeks and Fat Thursday).   The most popular tradition in Poland on Fat Thursday is the making and eating of pączeks.   A pączek is defined as “a filled baked good in a round shape, fried in fat.”   This may sound like an American doughnut, but we shouldn’t mistake a Dunkin doughnut for this traditional Polish pastry.   The usual filling for pączeks is plum butter and other marmalades.   In recent years, however, the variety of fillings has expanded to liquor,  pudding and even whipped cream. 

Confectioners of the Blikle Café (the most famous café in Warsaw) sell an average of 10,000 pączeks on a regular day.  On Fat Thursday, they expect to sell about ten times more, estimating that the average Varsovian won’t eat more than 5 pączeks.

The average pączek is around 7cm (3 in) and weighs 4.5 dkg. Its caloric value is 220-230 calories, depending on the filling. To burn this amount of calories, you need to walk for 2 hours or run for over a half hour.

In 2003, the price of a pączek was around 2.50 zł (about 60˘).

Assuming that on Fat Thursday the average Pole will eat 2.5 pączeks,   Poles will consume over 96 million pączeks on this day.

Based on „Tłusty czwartek” in Nasza Polonia, nr. 02-2001              

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